Do’s & Don’ts







black remote control: > turn on tv

> sound louder / softer

white remote control: > turn on kpn (button top right)

> zap ( P+ / P-)

> netflix



red button on the white remote control

account LODGE



to turn on

search via bluetooth: Philips VS300

if you don’t see it immediately on your phone, hold down the box button for bluetooth



in the corner next to the bench there is a socket and an extension cord so that you can also work outside on the terrace.

You can also use the top socket on the right of the decking in the corner for the extension cord



present per person: 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, 1 guest towel

if desired several or clean towels let us know. Can be done via the app 06-29144117



push to open from you



choice of rain shower turn the top knob to the left, choice for hand shower turn the knob to the right

choice for hot water turn the bottom knob to the left, choice for cold water turn the knob to the right



Pay attention!

the use of the sauna is at your own risk and the manual must be used.

never touch the radiators due to burns

do not place towels against the radiators due to fire risk

never enter the sauna after using alcohol, strong medication or narcotics

children or vulnerable people are never allowed in the sauna alone

if you feel unwell during use, stop immediately

after a heating period of no more than one hour, the cabin should be turned off and you should take a break of at least 30 min from the heat.

do not go to the sauna after a heavy meal



turn on the switch on the ceiling

on the control panel, press ON

set the time (maximum 30 minutes) and temperature (between 35 and 45 degrees) with the + and –

wait 15 minutes for the sauna to heat up

the heating light comes on. when the sauna is up to temperature, this light goes out

turn on the ionizer (balances the air) by pressing the center. You will find the ionzer on the right against the wall. The control lamp lights up red. You can only enter the sauna as soon as it is green.

the ionizer has two options. 1 O3 and 2. Ion

drink enough fluids before and after using the infrared cabin.

take a warm shower and dry yourself completely.

press the light button to turn the light off or on. You can choose bright light or press the button to choose colored light therapy (different options)

use a towel to sit on (be careful not to use towels against the radiators due to fire risk)

when it is stuffy in the sauna you can open the door.

the sauna will turn off automatically after providing the set time.

turn off the switch on the ceiling

take a warm shower and finish with a cold shower.

taking it easy is recommended after use.



you can listen via the radio or via bluetooth with your phone. Do not take your phone in the sauna



place the air conditioner close to an opening of the sliding doors or patio doors.

slide the loose tube at the back of the airo

put the other end of the tube outwards

plug in the socket

click on mode until the cooling light comes on on the display

click on the up or down arrows to set the desired temperature. Advice is between 21 and 24 degrees



see instruction book in the house

booklet is in the cupboard above the microwave



place the washing-up block in the compartment on the inside of the door

on ( button left side )

default program is eco. Select other programs with P

other programs are

> thermometer = very dirty dishes

> pan = lightly soiled dishes

> eco = normal dishes

> glass = lightly soiled dishes, only glasses and crockery

> clock = short washing program

> waves = short washing program without drying


If the rinse aid or the salt light is on, we would like to hear from you.



fill with latte milk to minimum

press on

milk frother stops automatically when the foam is ready



plug in the socket

press both buttons on top at the same time

black lever up to place a cup

check whether the water reservoir at the back is filled

choice for small cup (left button) or large cup (right button)



plug in the socket

fill kettle with water

lower the lever at the front



take the lid off the device

choose soft, medium or hard eggs and choose the number of eggs

determine the amount of water. See fill mark in the measuring cup. This is integrated in the lid

pour the measured amount of water into the device on the still cold heating plate. make sure that the maximum amount of water is not exceeded

prick a hole in the egg with the egg piercer. This is located at the bottom of the measuring cup.

place the eggs in the egg holder

place the lid on the device

put the plug in the socket

switch on the device

a signal tone sounds when the eggs are ready

unplug the power cord

Carefully remove the lid from the appliance and remove the egg holder. shock the eggs under cold water

switch off the appliance and remove the plug from the socket, never leave it in place!



fill with ingredients and water

close lid well goed

turn knob to a speed

turn back button after desired result



1 container for organic waste

1 container for plastic

1 container for residual waste

at the bottom of every tray there is a roll with new bags

full bags can be placed in the large waste bins in the driveway (in the corner behind the hedra hedge). You can also place empty cardboard and glass here.



leave the key for opening doors in the bathroom in the door, provided you go out with the boat, you can close the house with this

key shed is in the cottage. Also leave these in the house after departure

leave key entrance door after departure in the key safe

loss of keys is at your own expense

 The guest is responsible for properly locking the entrance doors of the B&B.



lighting is set by means of a light-dark sensor and turns on and off automatically

spots in the deck go out at midnight



the key is in the house in the kitchen window

space to charge electric bicycles

space to store suitcases



Smoking is not allowed in the room

Smoking is only allowed outside on the deck.



BBQ or open fire is not allowed



we have electric bicycles for rent for € 35,= per bicycle per day.

we assume that our guests handle the bicycle with care and that they always lock the bicycle.

any damage or theft will be charged to the guest.

if the key is lost, we will charge €10.

use of the bicycles is at your own risk.

deposit is a passport or driver’s license



we have a sloop for rent for € 150,= per whole day or € 150,= with skipper for half a day.

we assume that our guests handle the boat with care and always leave the boat in sight when mooring somewhere.

any damage or theft will be charged to the guest.

in case of loss of the key we will charge €10,-.

use of the boat is at your own risk.

deposit is a passport or driver’s license

other information and instructions are in the boat



we are available for our guests until 20.00 in the evening.

In the event of an emergency, we can be reached on telephone number 06 29144117.

the terrace at the house and the garden behind the gate is private, we appreciate it if this is respected.



of course we expect our guests to handle our belongings with care, to leave the room tidy and to be considerate of our other guests.

loud music is not allowed after 10 pm