A small house near the water, less stuff, more nature. Own restaurant with a vegetable garden and a picking garden. Or a Bed & Breakfast and no restaurant but certainly the rest.

And then organize and take care of everything for the guests. Tasty & healthy dishes. Walking and/or cycling routes through the dunes & the beautiful bulb region. Of course, a nice float on the water should not be missed, with our own boat to the Kagerplassen or supping or surfing at sea. Admire the Keukenhof and the beautiful bulb fields. And a yoga class on the beach is also highly recommended in the summer. In the evening, sit on the deck by the water under the cozy lights or on the roof terrace with a view of the ruins of Teylingen. In the Lodge you can enjoy your private wellness. And if you want to explore the pleasant city and the beautiful surroundings, take that nice electric bike that we have ready for you.

Because the Duin & Bulb Region is so beautiful in terms of nature; the beaches, the dunes, the forests and the lakes. And we have already made a selection and tasted it at all the tasty and nice restaurants and terraces in the area, some of which are even within walking distance.

Combine all these elements together with my partner’s love for hospitality & care and my love for design & organization. But above all; Eat healthy food, enjoy yourself, sleep well and live a healthy life.

And a new business plan is born. Are you curious about more follow us on social media. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet in our happy place one day!

Albert & Annemiek

“People will forget what you said. People
will forget what you did. But people will
never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou



At LODGE & LOFT we offer guests a unique experience in a beautiful location on the water. Due to the atmosphere, interior, comfort, styling, landscaping, personal character & attention, facilities, hygiene, information about the environment and care, the guest experiences, sees and feels what LODGE & LOFT stands for; let the guest enjoy and offer a piece of happiness & peace and the world make it a little nicer. We also want to contribute to a better world by using sustainable solutions and applications. In the future we want to expand the concept with a greenhouse in which we can grow fruit and vegetables ourselves that we can use for both business and private use. All this from a conscious way of living and staying.


For us, hospitality means creating an experience for guests that are not expected. We will of course not reveal how we fill this in. Come experience it and be surprised. We believe this combined with the facilities, hygiene and friendliness offered to create a unique experience.


LODGE & LOFT is located in nature on the moat overlooking the ruins of Castle Teylingen on one of the oldest and most chic avenues of Sassenheim with beautiful, large and old trees and a 5-minute walk from the center with various dining options, terraces and shops. The Keukenhof, the Bloemenburcht and the bulb fields can be found in the immediate vicinity. The beach of Noordwijk is ten minutes away by car and Lake Como and the mountain bike trails in Noordwijkerhout can be found within fifteen minutes by bike. Only a five minute drive from the N206 or the A44 and the nearest bus stop is a five minute walk away. Sassenheim also has its own train station.

Teylingen Castle

The castle that was originally inhabited by the lords of Teylingen served to protect the Rijndijk and the road to Haarlem. The lords of Teylingen, related to the count’s house, first appear in 1143. In 1282 this line died out in the male line and the castle fell to the count. The castle was given the function of hunting lodge and forestry of the Dutch counts and the vassal was given the title of forester and in fact became a sort of official with the responsibility for management. The most famous forester was Jacoba van Beieren (1433). She came from the highest aristocratic circles, but had lost her rights to the count

due to an unwanted marriage with Frank van Borsele. She died of tuberculosis there in 1436. During the Eighty Years’ War, the castle was heavily damaged. Teylingen fell prey to the Spaniards during the siege of Haarlem and Leiden in 1572 and was reduced to ruins. The ruins have an eventful history: built, damaged, burned out, rebuilt, demolished, dilapidated and refurbished. The ruin is now a national monument. New plans are currently being worked out to make the ruin an attractive, recreational place with respect for history. Many children also know the ruin from the episode “the disappeared crown” by Bassie & Adriaan.


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