enjoy ultimate happiness
in nature in the heart
of the Randstad

Wake up in your atmospheric house on the water with a view of the ruins of Castle Teylingen. Located on one of the oldest and most chic avenues of Sassenheim, close to the center, the tulip fields, the Keukenhof and the sea.



At LODGE & LOFT we offer guests a unique experience in a beautiful location on the water.

Let the guests enjoy, offer a bit of happiness & peace and make the world a little more beautiful. All this from a conscious way of living and staying. That is what LODGE & LOFT stands for.


What could be better than eating when it suits you. No alarm clock, just sleep in, take it easy and don’t have to rush because otherwise you will miss breakfast.

Each room has its own kitchen with sitting area and a terrace so you can choose where you want to enjoy your breakfast; inside or outside on your own terrace or in bed. We offer different breakfast packages so you can choose what you want and what suits you best. You can prepare breakfast in your own kitchen. We ensure that your fridge is stocked.


A small house near the water,
less stuff, more nature.

Own restaurant with a vegetable garden and a picking garden. Or a Bed & Breakfast and no restaurant but certainly the rest.


The scoop in B&B

At the end of the afternoon we arrived at Lodge&Loft in Sassenheim/Teylingen. What a surprise, we turned out to be the very first guests. Behind the garden gate we were welcomed by the proud owners Albert and Annemiek. Over the pleasantly crackling gravel path and so we stood in front of an apparently hidden door to the Lodge. We entered the part with a fully and cosily furnished kitchen unit. A coffee machine from our favorite coffee brand, kettle, refrigerator, microwave and even a built-in dishwasher. The Lodge is completely in style, a combination of sand colors. The roof trusses create a pleasant atmosphere. As guests, we are embraced by a relaxed atmosphere. Everything is located in the same room, a spacious shower including rain shower. The shower cubicle has a 2 person sauna on the other side. The toilet is completely out of sight. A nicely made bed, with soft bedding, pleasant duvets and a different strength mattress on the left and right. Through the sliding doors a view of the terrace on the water and then the cool reunion of Castle Teylingen looms on the other side of the wide moat. On the terrace a large table and seat. The sloop is located on the terrace jetty. The owners are very well known in this area and recommended us for dinner on the beach of Noordwijk. It was a good night’s sleep and the next morning I woke up early and only then saw that the most beautiful view has been preserved for the guests in the morning sun. With the sun shining on the reunion, you’ll feel like you’re abroad. After an extensive breakfast, which you can choose in advance, you can enjoy the many different water birds on the terrace. That afternoon we made use of the sloop and so we concluded this first visit with a trip over the Kaag and through Warmond and Katwijk.

In short, Lodge&Loft is a reason for us to come back. We wish the owners every success in their B&B adventure.

Andre & Therese









Together we ensure that the balance is maintained between people, the environment and the economy so that we do not exhaust the earth and the generation after us can also enjoy all the beautiful things the earth has to offer. planet people profit That is why we have implemented a number of applications to meet our needs and those of the guests with which we contribute to the earth. We do this by:​

separating waste / lighting partly on sensor / water-efficient taps / using seasonal products / working with local parties / working paperless as much as possible / use of glass bottles / / reuse of materials during renovation / solar panels (soon)


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Do you like the atmosphere of lodge & loft and do you think…

I want that at home too… That’s possible! Or do you need a completely new interior or layout at home or at the office. That too is possible. I would like to help you! coffee? I am really curious about your story. What do you and your company stand for? What do you and your family dream of and what are your business wishes? What are you running into in order to realize your plan? What’s stopping you from making your house your wonderful home? Let’s have a cup of coffee and see if we click and can do something for each other.


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